5 Must Have Summer Bras

We ladies seem to sometimes forget that our lingerie is the first layer of clothing we put on, so why not pay closer attention to it. Today I will cover the 5 must have bras for the summer season. So look through your lingerie draw and make sure you have all of these checked off!

How to know if you are fashionable or stylish

One of the questions I get from a lot of women is what is the difference between a fashionable woman and stylish woman? Isn’t it the something? The answer is not really. This vlog entry is how to identify a fashionable person and a stylish person. Once you discover the difference you can decide. Would you rather be fashionable or be stylish?

Welcome To MDModeTV

Welcome to MDModeTV! This vlog has been long overdue. I have been wanting to start a YouTube channel for years now, yes, you heard me right, years. It has been years that I kept thinking I want to give style advice to women and I want it to professional. informative and fun. I hope this vlog will be that and more. Please let me know your thoughts and send me your fashion and style questions. 

I am  excited and I hope you will enjoy each new episode. Don’t forget to follow me on Youtube and to subscribe! 

How To Wear A Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are so chic and easy to wear. How do you wear a jumpsuit and style it to look dressed up or dressed down? This video give reasons why to invest in a jumpsuit and how to make it work for you.

How To Wear Pink

Pink is the ultra feminine color that most women love. This video will show you how to wear  pink and how different color combinations will give you a different style vibe.

How To Wear Leather To Work

Leather is considered an edgy fashion piece and usually associated with outerwear. However today leather pieces are made to be worn for every occasion including to the office. Here are a few tips on how to wear leather to work.

How To Wear Menswear Patterns

Menswear patterns like glen plaids and houndstooth give womenswear pieces a slightly masculine appeal. Do you know how to make these masculine patterns look feminine and professional? This video will give you quick fashion & style tips to make menswear patterns more feminine. 

How To Wear Denim to Work

today over 70% of professional dress codes allow denim to work. But do you know how to wear denim so that it looks professional and chic? This video are quick fashion tips you can implement easily and start wearing denim to work.

How To Wear Stripes

Stripes are one of those staple patterns we all own but also don’t know how to wear. We feel they may male us look bigger or they are too bold. Today I will show you how to wear stripes so they flatter your figure in the best of ways.