Coming Out of the Covid Closet
it's Time to refresh your closet
And Take your style to the next level!
Do you open your closet and find nothing you love?
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get out of your sweats

Let’s face it, we had a tough 2020 but 2021 looks promising and we are starting to get out of our lockdown looks. You know the look, it’s the sweats, yoga pants, and robes all day long. We are finally getting out of that “Covet Closet” and it is time to step into the sunshine.

would you love to save money & love and feel good about what's in your closet?

step into spring

Let’s come out of that covid closet and think about what to wear now. This workshop will cover what to wear after being indoors for so long. We have been living a life that revolves around our sweats but now we are finally getting out. Our weight has fluctuated, our choices were limited and well the last thing on our minds was what to wear. Now we need to think about…

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This workshop is for you if you ask yourself...

How do I look good and still stay comfortable?

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What are the trends I need to be aware of to look updated?

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What styling tricks can I use to upgrade my image?

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can i do all of this on my budget?

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it's time to come out of the covid closet
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The Closet Clean-Out Workshop

what you will get
  • 1- Hour live training and Q&A session
  • Closet Clean-Out Workbook
  • Closet Essential List
  • Seasonal Trend Guide
  • Follow up email to check your progress. 
  • BONUS Sustainable Fashion Basics
when & where

Save the Date: Thursday. May 6th

Time: 7pm (EST Time)

Place: Zoom Meeting

This workshop is normally $75 but is now available at $49
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