Age Appropriate Romper

Last week I covered the shorts trend and how to wear it to work. Today is another trend and that is the romper trend. But in today’s ageless fashion, how old is too old to wear a romper? In this video I will speak about just that and let you determine “am I too old to wear a romper?”

MDModeTV Interview With Rene Mantilla Chapeau Designer

Interviewing talented designers is one of my favorite things to do. I love giving you an inside look at their work and how they come up with their creations. Today I interviewed Chapeau designer Rene Mantilla. He is New Yorker with latino roots and lots of great talent. His hats are all made in my native land Ecuador. (side note where the famous Panama hats originated)

Get to see the vibrant colors and designs he creates for famous clients like Pharell Williams and Alisa Keys. See how you can get to purchase one of his creation no matter where you live.