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As a Personal Style Coach & Virtual Stylist, my focus is to assist you in achieving a polished personal look and the confidence to match by aligning your personal and professional goals with your outer image. 

Clothing is one of the tools we use to communicate who we are and how we feel. When you discover and perfect your personal style you will not only look good but also feel more confident and empowered. 


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You are your brand

I get it,  I’m an entrepreneur, and working with entrepreneurs and corporate clients  I understand how valuable your image is to your bottom line. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur or corporate your personal image is put front and center daily. You are constantly representing your personal and business brand in social media and all forms of telecommunicating as well as in front of a live audience. Today it is important that our virtual image is also aligned with our brand.

Is your image aligned with your brand?

Let me help you in identifying your personal and professional brand to bring forth a clear and concise message of your overall brand.


what is a personal style coach?
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We hire coaches to mentor us and show us how to do something we value better and excel at it. 

Knowing how to dress so that it reflects your personal style and aligns with your personal and professional goals is not something everyone innately can do. But it something that you can learn and in turn you will beam with confidence and style. 

I truly believe in the old saying “Dress for the part you want” but I like to say “Dress for the life you want”  In order to do that you need to know what you want and what that person looks and feels like. You also need to know how to best recreate that person so that it looks and feels authentically you. 

Your lifestyle may include dressing for office meetings. working from home, public events, or a great date night, why not wear something that makes you feel and look confident and empowered. 

After working together you will have a better understanding of who you are, your true image, and your goals. You will know your personal style and know-how to shop for and dress for your body type for the results you want. 

Are you ready to take your image to the next level? 

why virtual styling?
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Virtual Styling is the perfect solution for clients domestic and international. Video chat and e-commerce make it easy for clients from anywhere in the world to get styling services. There are many reasons why virtual styling works better for most clients. The number one is time and or location, you do not have the time because of your busy lives or they live outside the NYC area. Whatever your reason might be virtual styling just made working with a stylist easy.

The one thing all my clients have in common is that they understand they need to reflect an image that aligns with their goals and they value professional advice.


Personal Style Coaching process
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The process starts by learning more about yourself and understanding your style, lifestyle, goals, and how you see yourself. We then do a body & color analyses.

We put together a style vision board and get to understand your style while enabling you to see yourself differently and give you options within your comfort zone.


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An editing of your current closet is a must in order to move forward. Making it an effortless task to be ready and stylish within a moment’s notice for any occasion.

You might have a closet full of great pieces that just need organizing and a professional eye to create new looks


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A focused shopping list is compiled which compliments your individual needs and current wardrobe items. This is a lookbook that is customized for you and ready to online shop.

Introducing your new items to existing ones. Teaching you how to fashionably work your wardrobe with ease. 


Sustainable styling
the future of fashion

The 2020s are a push forward into the new luxury of fashion. What is this new luxury? It is being environmentally conscious and caring for your clothes, yourself, and the planet. The new luxury is comfort and ease, it’s organic fabrics, and new technology.


benefits of sustainable fashion
  • Helping stop the carbon footprint of climate change
  • Recycle, Up-cycle and Repair current wardrobe pieces saves money
  • Work with exciting new designers and luxury sustainable brands
  • Discover handmade and ethical accessories
  • Feel good and look better
Personal Style Coaching packages
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Have you been thinking of getting style help for some time now but are not ready to take the plunge? Wish you had a stylist at hand? You like your style but need a professional opinion from time to time? Or do you just need help with that one special outfit?  This is a mini session that gives you a taste of working with a stylist. 


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premium & Deluxe

You are ready to dive right into working with a stylist and work together to create a new look. These are more detailed packages that can include all 3 steps of the styling coaching process. You will love investing in your image. 


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You want to have a clear vision of your style so you can start building your personal brand. You might be confident with your current style but just need help editing your wardrobe or putting together new looks. We can discuss what you need and build sessions that will work best for you.


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unlock your personal style

To get information about any of our services please send me an email with your questions and concerns. A free 15 minute consultation will help us understand your goals and determine which package works best for you. 

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